We are a design led practice that is not defined by a particular style. Whether it is a contemporary or a traditional aesthetic, we seek to work with whatever style suits your home and your personality. It is more important that we interpret your dream and vision rather than try and make you align with ours.

We have a broad range of experience in residential architecture, including new build individual homes, church conversions and self-build through to larger developments. We have also worked on various non-residential schemes, including new build religious centres, healthcare, education and community buildings.

The best design is the simplest one that works

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We believe that architecture and good design go hand in hand with sustainability. Environmental architecture is core to the company and we believe in an embodied approach to sustainability.

As the humble clown fish has a symbiotic relationship with its environment, so should our buildings. With intelligent and sensitive design, you can limit your impact on the environment and make it work for you.

Our focus is to deliver passive sustainable buildings, where the building will save and generate energy on its own with as little input from you as possible. Key to this is designing an intelligent envelope, one which has the ability to limit heat loss whilst also benefitting from harvesting energy from the sun without it leading to it overheating


Many homes and business will adapt and change throughout their lifetime, we can help you to plan and visualise the changes needed to suit your lifestyle and needs. With a view on practical issues and structural considerations, we can work with you to develop a variety of options including internal remodelling and alterations through to small, medium or large extensions in order to give your home a tailor made fit.

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